About Us


Alaxia entertainment is the Melbourne based organisation which organises event all over Australia. We have been part of organising events for many years.
Satti Grewal is the prime member of the Alaxia entertainment. He is being organising event since 18 years. He organised his first event in 2001 “Jazzy B and Gurpreet Guggi” followed by different events in 2002 “Stereo Nation”, 2004 “Gurdas Mann”, 2008 “Diwali Mela”, 2010 “Desi Rockstar 1”, 2011 “Sartaj”, 2013 “Arijit and Kapil Sharma”.He is also connected with Bollywood and is also knows as the distributor of movies all over Australia and Newzealand.
Alaxia Entertainment was also accompained with new member called Mr. Avneet Mangat. Both of them are the two pillars of the entertainment world, who are helping people in Australia to be connected with Indian culture.


Our Work

Glance from previous events

Mr. Sidhu Moosewala in Melbourne for Diwali Mela 2018 organised by Alaxia Entertainment